Shinchan Movie Golden Sword 2013 (Hindi Dubbed)

Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Hero of Kinpoko

Dark Lord of the Don Kurai dark world was plotting to try to dominate the human world. You have to know the dark legend of the “Hero” and the darkness Uchiharau as well as the “three treasures” one of which is the “tak of copper” that got stolen. A man who knew the plot of the dark lord is sent to the human world while trying to take the “shield of silver” and “golden spear” treasures of the remaining two.

At that time, Shinnosuke is bought the “Action Sword”, Action Kamen’s new toy, in the department store. When he opened the box back home however, it turned into an action Sword ruler. A few days later, he picked up a black dog that looks exactly like black & white on his way home from kindergarten that he keeps as a pet. He named his new pet dog Kuro, or Black. That night, he met a woman that came to visit the house suddenly to check if there were Puririn around. Shinnosuke, who woke up, goes out with her without being asked because he considers the lady sexy. The identity of Puririn are revealed to be dark men who were sent to the human world. Shinnosuke gets taken by the wiles of the dark which leads him to open the door that connects the human world and Don Kurai.

The next day, darkness flows into the human world and the door Shinnosuke opened is gone. A variety of disasters befalls the home field due to the darkness. At this time, a boy named Tami Mata appears in front of Shinnosuke. He says he came to tell of a hero named “Golden Spear” who will protect Shinnosuke. It was Shinnosuke who was determined to fight the dark with Mata, Puririn that learned that Mata appeared gimmick is a trap.

The next day at night, Shinnosuke encounters the same man who wanted him to sign an agreement, but Shinnosuke refused to sign it.


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